Spring Things

We are finally having some consistently beautiful spring weather here in Bloomington, and it’s woken the whole town up. Everyone’s out: walking, riding bikes, eating on patios, grilling, and just soaking up the sunshine. It’s amazing how easy and natural it is to feel positive in those first days of spring weather, when summer is just around the corner.

Here’s just a few things that have got me feeling really happy currently:

1- Flowers! We had some surprise daylilies bloom in our front yard, and campus is blooming everywhere, too. So pretty.

2- We found someone to install our fence for a decent price. Cheers to no more early mornings where I have to take the dogs out in my pajamas and pray my neighbors don’t see me!

3- I love when it’s the perfect temperature to ride in your car with the windows down and open the windows in your house. It’s been EXACTLY that temperature.

4- Tim and I are starting to think about a May vacation. I think we want to do a road trip through the Low Country! Fun fact: I LOVE trip-planning and become totally obsessed with researching the location, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do.

5- Last night we grilled out and ate on our deck. Perfect ending to such a nice day.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • I made this tasty baked broccoli cheese rice for my weekly recipe.
  • I started working on my family tree. I traced my dad’s side back already pretty far, and it was so neat (and also funny) to see some of the names.
  • Tim and I had a really nice little date night Monday after a really long work day.
  • I’m still staying up on writing and taking pictures. Below is one from last night.




One thought on “Spring Things

  1. Sarah

    You have an amazing backyard. Steven and I are house shopping but you’re kinda making me want to hold out for “the one”. We almost got one on the beach yesterday but sadly someone else didn’t care that we wanted to live there.


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