Monthly Archives: April 2015

It’s Been Too Long

It’s been way too long since I’ve written on here, but I’d like to think I have a pretty darn good excuse. Those that know me know what I do for a living and that I just completed the weekend/events/miracle on cinders that we work towards ALL YEAR LONG. And due to a few extenuating circumstances, it was particularly busy and stressful. There was just no time to write on here or do many of the items on my 29 before 30 list. I mean, there was barely any time to see my husband or be home for anything other than sleeping or think about anything besides work. But I made it through, and successfully, I might add, due to the greatest co-workers and students a person could ask for. And even though I’m crazy tired and still decompressing, it was one of the most rewarding times of my professional career and I’m filled with a lot of pride.

Now that I’ve made it through, I will do my best to get refocused on my list as I am well over the halfway point and it’s go time!

List accomplishments as of last point:

  • I did manage two weeks ago to make Thai Beef with Chiles and Basil, and it was awesome! I didn’t really have time to cook at all last week, but I did make myself this Coconut Date Shake for breakfast last Monday morning. SO GOOD!
  • I watched 1962’s Best Picture winner Lawrence of Arabia maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago? I can’t remember. Pretty impressive special effects for an early 60s film.
  • I bought my investment piece a few weeks ago! I needed a new purse, and have never treated myself to a nice one before. I normally don’t spend over $30 on one, but I wanted something unique and high-quality that I would keep for years to come. I ended up getting a Leaders in Leather cross-body from Relish here in Bloomington, and I love it!
  • I can’t believe it because I totally didn’t train, but I also ran in a 5k– the Little 500 5k on April 18th to be exact. I was sore for 2 straight days, but I did it– with help from Tim.
  • I’m not going to lie. I didn’t write in my journal really at all, and I only took a few pictures here and there, but I hope to get rolling back on both of those this week.

Rainy Day Music

Am I the only one out there whose musical inclinations are affected by the weather? Maybe it’s the weird way my brain works, but Motown/Al Green/Aretha sound best on snow days, the Beach Boys and really any other 60s pop shine some sonic sunshine in those really early days of March when you want it to be warmer than it is, and outlaw country (we’re talking Waylon and Willie and the boys) is meant to be listened to while outside on hot summer days, preferably with a cold drink in your hand.

Well here in Indiana, it’s been really rainy the past few weeks, and for me, there is a really natural pairing musically for rainy days: alt-country/Americana, or whatever you want to call it. This is basically scientific fact, and if you don’t believe me, try listening to Whiskeytown or the Jayhawks or Uncle Tupelo or the Avetts next time the rain starts to fall. I can’t explain it, but this type of music somehow sounds its best on a drizzly and overcast afternoon. Trust me on this one.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • I made this spaghetti squash carbonara, and it was seriously SO good. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I did not miss the pasta.
  • Speaking of Whiskeytown, my brother lent me Losering, A Story of Whiskeytown which I started and finished over the course of a few hours this past weekend to complete book #7. The book was really interesting to get an inside peek at Ryan in Raleigh in the late 90s, on the cusp of being famous. However, the author inserted himself WAY too much in the story, which I found really distracting.
  • Tim and I had our weekly date night last Friday.
  • I kept up with writing in my journal and taking photos.

Spring Things

We are finally having some consistently beautiful spring weather here in Bloomington, and it’s woken the whole town up. Everyone’s out: walking, riding bikes, eating on patios, grilling, and just soaking up the sunshine. It’s amazing how easy and natural it is to feel positive in those first days of spring weather, when summer is just around the corner.

Here’s just a few things that have got me feeling really happy currently:

1- Flowers! We had some surprise daylilies bloom in our front yard, and campus is blooming everywhere, too. So pretty.

2- We found someone to install our fence for a decent price. Cheers to no more early mornings where I have to take the dogs out in my pajamas and pray my neighbors don’t see me!

3- I love when it’s the perfect temperature to ride in your car with the windows down and open the windows in your house. It’s been EXACTLY that temperature.

4- Tim and I are starting to think about a May vacation. I think we want to do a road trip through the Low Country! Fun fact: I LOVE trip-planning and become totally obsessed with researching the location, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do.

5- Last night we grilled out and ate on our deck. Perfect ending to such a nice day.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • I made this tasty baked broccoli cheese rice for my weekly recipe.
  • I started working on my family tree. I traced my dad’s side back already pretty far, and it was so neat (and also funny) to see some of the names.
  • Tim and I had a really nice little date night Monday after a really long work day.
  • I’m still staying up on writing and taking pictures. Below is one from last night.