Intro to Landscaping

In the ever-growing learning curve of being first-time homeowners, Tim and I are now entering into the uncharted territories of lawn maintenance and landscaping. Don’t get me wrong, Tim has already done his fair share of mowing and weedeating at the lawn’s of rental houses past, and we’ve planted a few flowers here and there. But our new and wooded acre of a yard takes it to a whole new level.

The folks that owned the house before us grew old there, which I absolutely love, but it also means that the yard wasn’t really properly cared for in the past few years and it’s looking a little neglected and overgrown. There are several trees that need to come down, seemingly trillions upon trillions of dead leaves that need to be raked, and barely-there grass that definitely needs to be reseeded. There is also no cosmetic landscaping to speak of, and ivy growing up the house/up trees/over rocks/EVERYWHERE.

This is all on top of still needing to fence the yard for the dogs, which can’t come any sooner. The dogs are finally starting to be curious outside of the confines of their yard, even full on disappearing once, which led to me desperately trying to track them down while being convinced they would get hit by a car. I even called Tim in tears and frantically told him just that, only to find them about 30 seconds later. Let’s just say, it’s time for a fence.

I know this yard will be worth it in the end, and it has so much potential, but right now it feels like we are facing a serious uphill (and expensive!) battle to get this thing in shape. Hopefully in the process I develop a green thumb?

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • I made some Italian braised chicken thighs, which I served over roasted spaghetti squash for my weekly recipe. So delicious!
  • Tim and I had a great date night in Friday night, watching March Madness, and enjoying Mexican takeout.
  • I’m still keeping up with writing in my journal and taking photos.

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