This One’s For the Ladies

Ladies, I need to rant for a second.

In so many ways, I am shown daily how far we’ve come. I know that it’s an uphill battle to educate the ignorant that feminism is for EVERYONE, but lately there has been a lot of positive activity that keeps me hopeful, from Emma Watson killing it as the UN Women Global Goodwill Ambassador to #askhermore and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls. But sometimes right when you feel like there could start to be a paradigm shift, cue the infuriating jerk to walk in and act like it’s 1950.

I won’t get into the specifics, but the other day I was completely incensed by a conversation with an older man that was filled with callous, chauvinistic questions and comments directed at me in the context of my gender. I was so stunned as it was happening that I could barely react until much later on in the day. I couldn’t believe that someone still looked at the world– and women– in such a backwards and inappropriate way. I was utterly dumbfounded, and then, as time went on, I grew to a place of extreme outrage. Who does he think he is?

I wish that was the only time something like this has happened to me. I have countless other stories, but here is one that really sticks out. My old job consisted of working with a mostly male-led athletic department, and after accepting the position, a WOMAN said to me, “I can’t believe they’d put a woman in that job.” When I asked why, she said “Because you have to deal with all those men. You’d think they’d want someone with balls.” And to that, I simply smiled and said, “Don’t you worry about me. I have plenty of balls.” I wish I’d been able to see out of my shock enough the other day to stick up for myself in a similar way.

The sad thing is, I know each and every woman out there has several stories just like this. It’s hard sometimes to get lost in the negativity, and we do still have a very long way to go. But I just want to take a moment to say a few things to all the ladies out there:

First, you’re awesome. You multi-task in ways a man could never even dream of. You are terrific daughters, mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, wives, and human beings all while being amazing leaders, game-changers, homemakers, professionals, and teachers. You’re smart, funny, and powerful. You can do anything you want, EVER. And anyone who ever doubts or tries to diminish you is an ignorant asshole. And that’s the truth.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • Last weekend was my dad’s birthday, and I made him and my whole family a delicious lasagna based on this recipe.
  • I watched 1985’s Best Picture winner, Out of Africa, with Robert Redford and Meryl Streep. It was good though exceptionally long and a little slow-moving, but I’d pretty much watch anything with either of those two actors.
  • Tim and I took a day trip to Indianapolis on Saturday for a little shopping for the house, and we doubled it as a weekly date, too. Really fun, and great to get away– even for the day.
  • I’ve kept up on both photos and writing in my journal still– on a streak!

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