Over It

Bloomington has now been covered in snow for the past two-and-a-half weeks, with fresh snow falling every so often, and I woke up this morning to a wintery-mix of snow and sleet. It’s safe to say I’m officially over it and in bad need of spring. I’m tired of wearing boots every day, I’m tired of trekking through the snowy slush on the way to my car each morning, and I’m tired of looking at it, too.

I think spring missed the memo that it is now March, and it’s ok to show up. I know it’s bad to wish away days, but I need spring to hurry up and get here already. There is something renewing about spring– the earth wakes up, and it drags me out of my wintery funk and rids me of my cabin fever.

The time springs forward this weekend, and hopefully the warmth will come as our days get longer. Until then, I’ll keep dreaming of sitting on the back porch, turning off the heat in my house and enjoying open windows, blooming flowers, and spring vegetables. Doesn’t that all sound so nice?


List accomplishments as of last post:

  • I made the best baked chicken parm for my weekly recipe. It made so much, so there were tons of leftovers, which was perfect because this stuff gets even better after a few a day or so.
  • Tim had our weekly date last Friday night– he made me dinner at home, and we lit a fire and listened to music. So nice!
  • I HAVE to get back into watching my Academy Award winning movies… I still have so many to go, and it’s my list item I’m most nervous about finishing. We did get our TV and DVD player and set up finally, so maybe I can get going on those this weekend.
  • I have stayed up on writing and taking photos each day. Here are a few from last week:


Snowy sunset

Snowy sunset

My boy

My boy

Date night wine

Date night wine


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