Don’t Call It a Comeback

…..I’ve been here for years, rockin’ my peers and puttin’ suckas in fear.

Just a little LL Cool J to set your week right.

The last two weeks were a blur of painting, renovations, packing, and moving, but we are now living in the new house! We officially moved in on Valentine’s Day… I know, leave it to Tim and me to serve you some old married people realness. It sounds really lame, but it was actually super sweet to spend that day unpacking and settling our lives into our first home. We celebrated with pizza and bubbles in front of a fire, and it felt like the best way to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

But then something happened. We woke up early Sunday to continue unpacking and setting things up before a much-needed grocery store trip and Target run for a few necessities and some impulse throw pillow purchases, and then we made plans to host our best friends for the inaugural dinner party. We came back home to clean and prepare to show off the house to our friends, and I was going around cleaning our bathrooms. When I went to clean and then flush our downstairs toilet, things suddenly got REAL.

I’ll spare you the details, but the floor drain in our basement suddenly began to flood, and I just froze in panicked fear. Irrational thoughts raced through my head like, “two days in and our house is broken!” ” and “should we just go ahead and move out?” We ended up having to call a plumber to come out on a Sunday night– can you say overtime rates?– and 2 hours and $300 later, our issue was finally resolved. It was really stressful at the time, and it sucked to have to unexpectedly spend that money, but it makes for a pretty funny story. Our friends still ended up coming over, the night was salvaged, and we survived our first fiasco, but man do I feel like we dove head first into this whole homeownership business.

It’s a good thing we are totally in love with the new place, and when we woke up to our beautiful backyard covered in snow and I got to take my dogs for a fun walk in it– it all seemed pretty worth it.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • As I mentioned last post, I pretty much took the last two weeks off to focus on finishing up renovating the house, packing, and moving, but I did manage to still cook my weekly new recipe. Two weeks ago I made this cobb salad sandwich, and last week I made this pepperoni pizza grilled cheese. We were eating on the go a lot, so sandwiches were our best option. Both were good!
  • I just picked Mindy Kaling’s book back up and hope to finish it soon.
  • I did a poor job staying on top of writing in my journal, but I started it up again, as well as taking my daily photos. Here are a few from over the last few weeks.
Painting upper cabinets

Painting upper cabinets

Painting lower cabinets

Painting lower cabinets

Finished product

Finished product

Valentine's/Move-In Day Dinner

Valentine’s/Move-In Day Dinner

Sunrise in the field behind our house

Sunrise in the field behind our house


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