Trivial Winter Problems

I’m sitting here looking out my window as only the second snow of this winter season falls onto our front yard. In comparison to last winter’s Polar Vortex that nearly drove me and pretty much everyone I know to a breaking point, this winter, at least thus far, hasn’t really been all that bad at all. But that certainly doesn’t keep me from complaining, as I’ve always kind of hated winter– especially here in Indiana where the sun pretty much doesn’t shine come late-November through March. The gorgeous springs and falls tend to make it totally worth it, but sometimes it’s hard to see silver lining when your county just issued a Wind Chill Advisory for part of this week.

Here are just some of my extremely trivial but nonetheless extremely annoying winter complaints:

1- The above-mentioned snow is pretty right until you have to go out in it. Then it becomes THE WORST as I struggle to dig my car out of it. Inevitably, snow ends up down my coat and shirt sleeves and under my gloves to painfully melt right against my skin. Snow also makes the selection of work-appropriate footwear nearly impossibly. Just sayin’.

2- The snow at least provides a slight rationality for why the temperatures are so low, but we really don’t get it all that much. Mostly, Southern Indiana winter days are sunless, damp, bone-chillingly cold, and soul-killing.

3- To combat the above, I spend most of winter indoors with the heat cranked up, which honestly just encourages couch-potato-ness, the opposite of what I need when all I crave is comfort food.

4- All that cranked up heat leads to me having the driest skin EVER, which I try my best to keep lotioned, but there is this one spot in my mid-back that I can’t even reach to begin with and it itches 24/7 in the winter. And since I can’t reach it to put lotion there, I also can’t reach it to scratch it, so I resort to these weird shoulder-shimmies that a) make me look crazy and b) aren’t really much help at all, so I just continue to itch until April. Oh, and to boot, I also take ridiculously hot showers in the winter for 5 minutes of sweet, warm comfort, which in turn only makes the dry skin problem worse. IT’S A VICIOUS CYCLE.

5- Right around this time, I always start going through serious withdrawal from my favorite summer foods. The lack of seasonal vegetables sometimes makes me feel like I have scurvy. Tomatoes and corn especially– I missssssss you!

6- Every night I go to bed freezing for the first few hours, so I layer up in long sleeve/long pant jammies and thick socks and bundle up under blankets only to wake up sweating and hating life in the middle of the night.

7- I wholeheartedly admit that Bloomington does an excellent job staying on top of salting and plowing our roads, making travel fairly simple for folks during snow days. Why, oh why, then does the mere threaten of snow make every person here feel that they must go to the grocery stores and ravage every ounce of milk, bread, and eggs?

8- This may be preemptive, but that damn Punxsutawney Phil always seems to see his shadow and threaten me with everlasting cold. I’ll be watching you come Feb. 2, you jerk.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • I made this chicken tikka masala for my weekly recipe.
  • I was off for a holiday staycation last week, and I watched 3 Best Picture winners– and they were 3 great ones. First up was 1953’s From Here to Eternity, which has to be one of the best war films I’ve ever seen. Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr kissing on the beach is exactly the image “‘old Hollywood” brings to mind, and Montgomery Clift is beautiful. His character in the film and his own personal life are both so tragic, but he makes me swoon. Next, we watched 1978’s The Deer Hunter, and it was so haunting and sad but exquisitely acted. We also watched 1967’s In the Heat of the Night where Sydney Poitier says one of the most famous lines in cinematic history, “They call me Mr. Tibbs!” The mystery and tension really hold up in that one.
  • Tim and I managed to go out on NYE for a date night, and we had a fantastic meal with our best friends at Restaurant Tallent.




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