Musings on Becoming an Old Lady

This past Saturday, I dealt a few of my younger friends a harsh reality: I’m a full-blown old lady.

In the span of about an hour and a half, I went from “Hey! Let’s get together and play Cards Against Humanity,” to “I’m sorry, I know it’s not even 10 p.m., but I’ve got to get horizontal.” In my defense, Mexican food played a heavy hand in my record-breaking spiral down to Flake City. Hanging out seems like a fantastic idea until you’ve eaten your body weight in cheese dip and it’s all you can do to a) stay awake and b) keep your pants buttoned on the way home when all you can do is think about the sweatpants you want to put on and the couch you’re going to lay on, HARD.

Here’s the thing: I’m 100% fine with my old lady tendencies. I’m much more well-rested and comfortable since becoming one. Not only am I going to bed earlier, but strange things related to sleep suddenly matter, such as buying quality sheets and pillows and NEVER being ok with sleeping on the couch. Just last week before Thanksgiving, my dad asked if Tim and I wanted to come down to their house Wednesday night. I replied that we would be happy to, but only if there was a bed to sleep in. My parents’ house is great, but with the addition of my 3 nephews and niece, beds are at a premium when the whole family is in town. And somehow, being the youngest and only childless ones has drawn Tim and I the short straw. I’ve spent too many holiday nights sleeplessly flailing on a couch, head to toe with my husband to maximize space, finally falling asleep around 5am only to be awoken to the footsteps of the munchkins approximately 15 minutes later. Let this be the forum in which I officially declare: I am too old for that shiz.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • For Thanksgiving, I cooked the Pioneer Woman’s stuffing for my weekly recipe, and it was insanely good.
  • I finished all of my letters to my family about why I love them and delivered each to their recipients on Thanksgiving. The process of writing these letters has not only been the most rewarding part of my 29 Before 30, but it’s  been one of the most special experiences in my life. I’m so thankful to be able to express gratitude to my loved ones.
  • I’ve started book #3, Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef by Gabrielle Hamilton. She is a gorgeous writer!
  • Daily photos and writing in my journal suffered a bit in the holiday week. I wrote all of my letters by hand, so I often only got a sentence or two down in my journal each day of last week. I have no excuse for slacking on taking pictures though,  and I hope to get committed back to both of these.



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