Being Judgy and Buying a House

I’ve been absent on here for over a week, which I totally didn’t mean to do. Last week was just one of those weeks that completely gets away from you. I am totally fishing for an excuse, but honestly, work was intense, Tim and I both were super busy, and in the midst of that, we got pre-approved to buy a house. It was certainly not a bad week; it was an amazing week! It was just one where so much was going on that the days seemed to be sped up in double time.

I can’t tell you how excited and proud I am that Tim and I are going to be able to buy a home. It took awhile for us to be ready for this step, and it feels so good to finally be there. It makes me feel like a real adult! We are in no hurry, but we have started to look, and let me tell you, looking is ridiculously fun. You get to be so judgy! Oh, hello 3 bedroom, 2 bath split-level. Yes, yes, I like what you’ve done here. Nice kitchen. But wait! What in the hell is with this weird room? Oh, and I hate this yard. Next!! So fun.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • Bloomingfood’s stopped selling my favorite creamer, so I made this Maple Cinnamon Creamer for last week’s recipe!
  • I watched two Best Picture winners that honestly underwhelmed. The first was 1982’s Ghandi, which was good, but I think I was expecting great. And the second was 1952’s The Greatest Show on Earth, which was a 3 hour crap-fest melodrama about the circus. The saddest thing is that the lovely Jimmy Stewart stars as Buttons the clown and wears full clown make-up through the entire film. I couldn’t make this up if I wanted. A little research revealed that it is widely cited as the worst film to ever win Best Picture, and that it likely only won because the Academy was reluctant to vote for the anti-McCarthy High Noon due to it’s blacklisted screenwriter. Here’s what I know: that’s  3 hours I’d like to have back.
  • I’ve written all but three of my letters to loved ones and hope to be able to give them out at Thanksgiving!
  • We are making serious progress on saving at least $5000 this year. We’ve really been cranking down on saving since we hope to buy a house soon.
  • Tim and I have kept having weekly dates, although with chillier weather many of them have been making dinner and watching movies at home.
  • I’ve continued writing and taking photos every day.




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