Food Hugs

Fall is here, y’all. And something about the fall makes me nostalgic. And hungry.

With the onset of the chill in the air and Southern Indiana’s autumnal rain comes a very specific kind of hunger. I start to crave the homey comfort foods I was raised on: my grandmother’s apple pie and apple butter, the eggs and toast my dad would make me as a before-bed-snack, a deep bowl of my other grandma’s “party potatoes” (which are baked mashed potatoes that have a whole brick of cream cheese in them), and my mom’s banana bread- fresh out of the oven. My mom also made this chicken casserole of cream of chicken soup, sour cream, cheese, boxed stuffing, and French’s fried onions that is probably free of nutritional value, but inexplicably delicious and, in my opinion, has the power to heal whatever ails you.

Basically, as the leaves turn, I want all the carbs, all the time.

I think it’s my stomach’s way of reminding me that it’s ok sometimes to want a food hug. Food is such a sensory experience, and all I need to do when I miss my Mamaw is peel apples and it’s like she is right there with me, or when I need a little comfort at the end of a long day, I can whip up some late-night eggs, a-la-Dad. Also just a PSA here, but giving food hugs away to others, especially in the form of cheesy. condensed soup-laden casseroles is a particularly good way to make and retain friendship. Bonus points if said casserole is topped with French’s fried onions.

So with October in full-swing outside my door, I am hopeful that my fall will be filled with food hugs, both given and received. I hope yours is, too.

List accomplishments as of last post:

  • Finished Not That Kind of Girl. Book 1/10, check!
  • Watched my second Best Picture winner, All About Eve. Bette Davis tears it up. Highly recommended. So great to see so many strong female leads in a 1950’s film. Side note: it desperately made me want a martini, like the way Mad Men makes me want an old fashioned.
  • Made my second weekly recipe, homemade Chipotle burrito bowls. I used ground turkey instead of chicken for the protein. Not because of any creative culinary reasons but purely because I didn’t have any chicken.
  • Had my second weekly date with Tim, which was a really fun shopping trip  to Edinburgh and Indy.
  • Continued to write and take photos every day. My favorite two photos from the week are below.
Shopping date

Shopping date

My  pups watching the rain

My pups watching the rain





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