Birthday Celebrations and Weekend List Accomplishments

I may just be the luckiest girl in the world.

That’s a pretty bold statement to throw out, but let me back it up with evidence.

This past weekend, I celebrated every single second of my 29th birthday supported and surrounded by the people I love most in this world. I am unbelievably humbled by the love shown through countless well wishes,  texts, phone calls, and Facebook messages from friends, family, and co-workers past and present. A sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to reach out!

My actual birthday, which was Friday, began with a tradition that started many, many birthdays ago: French toast. My sweet momma made me French toast for every year’s birthday breakfast from before I can remember until I left for college. It was just one of the many little things she did for me growing up that made me feel special and loved. After mentioning this to Tim in passing awhile back, he surprised me and sweetly picked up right where my mom left off and has made me a French toast breakfast the past 5 or so birthdays, and this past Friday was no exception.

french toast

My day then proceeded with well-wishes from my great new colleagues, a visit from my dear friend LJ– who came bearing the funniest card and an awesome gift that he and my other friend Brandon went in on (rocking a fierce mani thanks to you two, btw!), and finished with a romantic date with my main squeeze.

Celebrations continued all weekend long. Saturday started with lunch with my parents, which we had outside in this fantastic weather, and ended with a bonfire surrounded by close friends. My best friend Krissy went especially above and beyond. She not only set up a really great atmosphere for the bonfire in her backyard, but she also made me an insanely good coconut birthday cake and forever changed my life by introducing peanut butter cups into my s’more repertoire. We are talking friend of the year here, people!


Sunday will go down as one of the most fun days of my life. Tim, Krissy, and her husband Dave conspired to get me to my first ever Indianapolis Colts game, and let me tell you, they did so in style! Through a connection of Dave and Krissy’s, they were able to get us the hook-up of a lifetime: lower level suite tickets to Sunday’s Colts vs. Titans game. Not only did I get to watch my favorite football team play a game with 3 of my favorite people in a suite with delicious food and drinks, but the Colts won AND I got to witness one of my favorite players, Reggie Wayne, catch his first touchdown pass of the season. You Parks and Recreation fans out there will understand just how excited I was: I had a serious Andy-Dwyer-at-Lucas-Oil-Stadium moment. Easily one of the most memorable experiences of my life, and I’m not at all embarrassed about how much I geeked out.

006 018photo 020

Sunday night wrapped up with watching more football with Dave, Krissy, and Tim, and playing my newly gifted game, Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t played that game yet, change your life and order it right now! I haven’t laughed that hard maybe ever. Not sure how this reflects on my fitness level, but I actually woke up this morning with sore abs from laughing. Truth.

I promise I am now done with this humble brag, but I had the most epic birthday and I needed to recount it, if only for myself and because I really do feel like the luckiest girl in the world.


I mostly spent my birthday weekend celebrating, but I did manage to stay on top of my daily goals from my 29 Before 30 list: #5’s taking at least 1 picture a day (as evidenced from the above  photos) and #21’s writing in my journal daily. I am glad to say I stuck to both of those each day since the start of my blog!

I also managed to stick to one of my weeklies, #13’s weekly date with Tim, and Sunday’s excursion to Indy for the game certainly counts as a day trip towards #22’s goal of taking as many of those and weekenders as possible.

I may only be 3 days in, but so far I’m loving 29!


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